Kerpoof - Animated comics. Use the movie component to create animated stories with text and action. Teachers account allows you to register classes. Good lesson ideas at the account site.

My Story Maker gr. 3-5

DoInk is a website that will allow you view and create your own animations. It is easy to draw and animate online. Look at the Help menu for  tutorials.

Sketch Star create animated comics. On Sketch Star students can create draw animations from scratch or use pre-made shapes and characters. Students build their animations frame by frame. Each frame appears in a timeline that can be altered by dragging and dropping the frames into different sequences. The length of time that each frame is displayed can be adjusted too. Completed projects can be saved online.
To save Sketch Star animations you do need to register for an account with an email address. If your students don't have email addresses you could use the Gmail+1 hack to or
FilzMail register them. Using Sketch Star could be a good way for students to create animations to go along with creative stories that they write as part of a language arts lesson.

Spresent is free Web-based presentations application built with Flash. Create and edit high-quality Flash presentations online. You can send presentations via email
or publish on your web site or blog

AnMish Easy to use. It allows users to select characters and then record their own voice to add to them.  A person can then embed videos to share w/ others.

Make 3D animated download

Allows teachers and students to create animations without a drawing background or a technical understanding of advanced software such as Flash. Save online, on your Web page, and social network sites Tutorial

Domo is another site that GoAnimate features. It is for younger students. You can create animations and slide shows. All the animations are reviewed and appropriate to use. You can add music and text to your animations.

Create avatars that talk. Embedded code available

ZimmerTwins Gr. 1-3 - Create cartoon movies

Created animated videos

Animation creator for gr. 1-3

Create animated movies with nothing but text. Choose from six pre-designed "sets" on the free version. Add the script, select camera angles, dictate actions and facial expressions, and insert needed pauses and gestures.
3D animation video tutorial

3D animation programming software for beginners

Make a free website with Yola