“Sometimes a picture or an audio clip of a speaker, or a sound effect, or a few seconds of video—is worth a thousand words, ones that do not necessarily need to be written.”

Troy Hicks (2009) The Digital Writing Workshop


What does it mean to be a composer?

In Kathleen Blake Yancey's 2008 presidential address (NCTE), she encouraged us to not think of students merely as writers, but instead think of them as composers. Multimedia authoring requires students to combine text, images, audio, and video in ways that rely on our traditional understandings of what it means to create good writing. 


Creative Common Search Search for royalty free media. Also help how to give proper accreditation

Digital Vaults is a  site put together by the National Archives (a great history resource). It is a place where historical records, photos, and documents are kept. At this site a user can either create a Digital Poster, Movie or a Pathway Challenge. A Pathway Challenge is a great way to lean history and see how historical items are "linked" together.

Magic Studio is a terrific multi-media site for educators. It is a place where users can create, view, upload their data which could include: videos, audio, time lines, quizzes, etc.Another nice feature of MS is that everything is done in a drag/drop user interface which makes it very easy for a person to use. It feels a little bit like Voice Thread in that regard. Add to that a very nice tutorial and you have the recipe for a really nice tool to use in the classroom.The only feature I see missing is an educational instance which would allow teachers to create student accounts and have everything being moderated before it gets posted online.

Find That File is a search engine designed to help you locate documents and media files according to file type.

"One of the most powerful aspects of digital writing tools is their ability to readily link, alter, combine or remix texts to create new digital literary forms that different from print literature." from Teaching Writing Using Blogs, Wikis and other Digital Tools 


Hybrid Text

Types of Hyperlinks
  • between student text and other texts: poems, stories, or character thoughts and feelings
  • between images, video clips, sounds, music 
Reflecting on the purpose of hyperlinks
  • What do you want your audience to learn fro your text?
  • What may be some purposes the audience brings to you text -what do they want to find in reading your text?
  • What are some paths that you have created to help them achieve their purposes?
  • What cues, icons. links, prompts, or directions will you use to help them select the right  path to find what they are looking for?
Remixing Texts


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