As a multimedia composing process, podcasting allows writers to use the power of tone and inflections, blending tracks and adjusting volume to create just the right effect. By inviting students to use their voice to bring life to a piece of writing, we can help them understand the ways in which oral and written language differ, thus broadening their repertoire of both writing and speaking strategies.  

get powerpoint from srol

Digital  Podcast  A  collection of topics in many subjects and languages.

Kids Podcasts A wide variety of stories, radio broadcasts and information

Resources to Enhance Your Podcasts

Training your voice for podcasting 

National project to "instruct and inspire Americans to record one another's stories in sound." Also includes questioning kit for interviewing.

The Great Questions Lists and Great Questions Generator provide you with excellent questions that you can use when interviewing people about their lives or about the lives' of others. The Great Questions Lists is just a list of questions that you can select on your own. The Great Questions Generator will help you select the best questions for the person or people you're planning to interview.

Radio Shows” page Tutorials, workflow directions, tools, apps by Wesley Fryer

Fotobabble - Add a narration to a photo. 

iPadio Broadcast from a phone to the Internet live

Audacity for recording podcasts. Mac and PC. Mac's Garageband also has an excellent podcasting recorder. 
Download Audacity You will also need to download LAME MP3 encoder - Allows Audacity to export MP3 files. Below the Audacity download link is the Lame download. Remember where you save it. Audacity tutorials Garageband tutorials

Cross platform free program. Make sure you also download Lame for converting to mp3.

Extensive guide

Set up slide show

Audacity Tutorial 2

Audacity Atomic Learning Tutorials
Good thorough videos

Recording and Editing with Audacity
A screencast about recording with Audacity audio editing software. There are accompanying screen shots and commentary on the Web site.

Audacity Text Tutorial


Podcasting with Garageband
Good pictures and uploading to iTunes info. | video tutorial

Podcasting with Garageband
Good pictures and uploading to iTunes info.

  • Vaestro Use your Web site to talk to others, host interactive podcasts or audio blog

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