Learning Collaborative Strategies 

  • challenging to effectively collaborate with peers
  • important support students to develop strategies for working collaboratively
A wiki is an online space that can be edited and updated by a number of authors. Wikis provide opportunities for encouraging
collaborative collation of information and creation of text.
Wikis lend themselves especially well to collaborative writing for a number of reasons. Wikis can grow and develop over time, with additional pages added as a writer (or class full of writers) finds new ways to share her work

Wikispaces has introduced
a new commenting feature. The new Wikispaces commenting feature is similar to the commenting feature found in Google Docs. You can add comments in the form of sticky notes that appear in the margin of the page and are tied to the word(s) you highlight on the page.

To use the new commenting feature in Wikispaces select "edit" on any page on any wiki you're a member of.
Then highlight a word or words on a page then click the comment bubble in the toolbar to add and edit your notes.

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